Zero Trust
Network Access

ZTNA Securely Connects Users Directly To Apps

ZTNA Gives Your Employees Effortless Secure App Access

Cloud applications have reshaped the way we think about productivity. People are getting work done from anywhere, using whatever device they feel the most comfortable with or have at hand.

But this has shifted expectations about access. Employees don’t care about where the content resides, whether it be on public cloud or in data centers; they just want an effortless connection to the data they need for work. That’s where Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) comes to the rescue.

All-Or-Nothing VPN Access Puts Your Data At Risk

Some of the data your remote workers require resides in your data centers. To provide access, many organizations have turned to virtual private networks (VPNs). But this exposes your infrastructure to networks and devices you don’t control. Once someone connects via VPN, all devices on their network have unrestricted access to your perimeter.

To ensure your data is secure, you need your on-premise applications to behave and secure like a web application. You need to understand who is connecting to your apps, the device they use and what kind of access they need. With Lookout ZTNA, you’re given these integrated insights to dial in granular and dynamic access to only the things your workers need.

Securing App Access With A Zero Trust Approach

Your workers want easy access to what they need. Lookout ZTNA provides seamless connection to your apps – whether they reside in data centers, on public clouds or in hybrid environments – without putting your data at risk. To do so, we only grant access to specific apps that your users require for work. We also continuously monitor the identity and risk level of users and endpoints to restrict access accordingly.

To ensure your infrastructure is secure, Lookout ZTNA can hide your apps from the public internet, ensuring that only authorized users have access. We also extend cloud app security benefits to your legacy apps by providing integration with multifactor authentication and identity access management.

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