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Fraud Protection

Fraud attacks continue to be a persistent problem for financial institutions. Together, Appgate’s Digital Threat Protection and Risk Based Authentication provide a layered protection strategy across the multi-step fraud lifecycle.

The Benefits of Risk-Based Authentication + Digital Threat Protection

  • Provide comprehensive fraud protection across the fraud lifecycle.
  • Frictionless authentication using threat intelligence.
  • Remove threats targeting your consumers.
  • Detailed reporting on which customers were victimized.
  • Simplified and customizable drag and drop workflows.
  • Machine Learning adapts to user behavior and detects unusual activity in real time.

Zero trust starts with secure access

Simplify and strengthen access controls for every user, on any device, with Appgate SDP, a leading Zero Trust Network Access solution.

Appgate SDP

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for Hybrid IT

  • Reduce Attack Surface: Ports, workloads and applications are invisible unless authenticated and authorized to access.
  • Verify Identity: Access permissions are conditional and based on user context such as role, date, time, location and device posture.
  • Dynamically Adjust Entitlements: As context surrounding the identity changes in real time, so can the user’s entitlements.
  • Prevent Lateral Movement: Surgical micro-segmentation eliminates visibility and access to unauthorized resources.
  • Secure East-West Traffic: Control bi-directional connections between resources on the network.
  • Simplify Policies: Single framework for all users, devices, networks and infrastructure.
  • Deploy Easily: Flexible options for user access (client or browser-based) and hosting (self managed or as a service).
  • Unify Access: Consistent experience and configuration across hybrid IT reduces administrative burden.
  • Automate Access: Metadata and context driven policies allow access entitlements to dynamically adapt to environment.
  • Flexible User Options: Choose from client or browser-based access.
  • Concurrent Connections: Multi-tunneling connects users directly to all approved cloud, SaaS and on-prem resources simultaneously.
  • Boost Productivity: Seamless and consistent user experience with simple onboarding.
  • Ultra-High Performance: 93% throughput efficiency and less than 1ms latency.
  • Reduce Tools: Unified solution for trusted access, remote and on-premises.
  • Automate Policies: Leverage data from Identity & Directory Systems and environmental meta-data to dynamically create or extend policies and entitlements.
  • Automate Infrastructure: Control, build and manage infrastructure-as-code with the GitHub SDP Operator.
  • Orchestrate Workflows: Integrate with existing enterprise operation or business support systems, such as IT service management (ITSM) or ticketing platforms.
  • Enhance Device Checking: Integrate with endpoint solutions to ensure a “Trusted Device” as criteria for access.
  • Put Data to Work: Push detailed access log activity and user risk data as access criteria from other tools, such as SIEMs and UEBAs.

How Appgate SDP Works


Phase 1: Planning and Targeting

Fraudsters target users through phishing, social media, rogue mobile apps and more. Digital Threat Protection proactively detects and removes these attempts to harvest valuable credentials. Preventing fraud early in the lifecycle minimizes the impact to your customers.

Phase 2: Setup & Launch

How do most attackers harvest information? Users inadvertently click on a link or download something malicious onto their device. You cannot control your consumers’ device, but with Digital Threat Protection and Risk Based Authentication you can obtain device posture visibility to manage device risk prior and take the appropriate course of remediation.

Phase 3: Cashing Out

Once fraudsters have successfully collected credentials, or any sensitive information, they can access a user’s account to steal money. Risk Based Authentication uses behavioral analytics and strong authentication to stop an attack before reaching the final stage of the fraud lifecycle.

Secure Access for your network and Customers

To your network

  • Solving today’s network access challenges with Zero Trust security
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Secure Hybrid Enterprise
  • Third-Party Access
  • Unified Cloud & On-Prem Access
  • Secure DevOps Access
  • Zero Trust Access

For your consumers

Providing consumers with seamless access while reducing risk

  • Consumer Protection
  • Fraud Protection
  • Phishing Protection
  • Risk Orchestration
  • Mobile Protection
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