Secure Your Digital Transformation With SASE

SASE Is Converged, Cloud-Delivered Security

Current cybersecurity architectures were designed with the data center as the focal point. But accelerating digital transformation has driven the adoption of software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and work-from-anywhere initiatives. This has turned security requirements inside out where most users, endpoints, applications and data now sit outside enterprise perimeters.

A Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution transforms legacy perimeter security into a set of cloud-delivered, converged network and security capabilities that are available when and where they are needed. The core network component is a Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). The core security components, commonly referred to as Security Service Edge (SSE) consists of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and Secure Web Gateway (SWG).


Lookout Security Service Edge (SSE) integrates CASB, ZTNA, SWG and Endpoint Security

With users everywhere and apps and data in the cloud, work no longer occurs in designated locations. But this means the legacy perimeter is insufficient. To protect anywhere, anytime access to apps and data, you need security that is software-defined and cloud-delivered in order to regain the visibility and controls you once had.

The use cases addressed by SSE include:
  • Identity and protect sensitive information
  • Detect and mitigate threats
  • Secure web and cloud usage
  • Connect and secure the modern workforce

Identify And Protect Sensitive Information

The first step of securing data is knowing what’s going on. It’s hard to see the risks you’re up against when your users are everywhere, using networks you don’t control to access your data in the cloud. The Lookout SSE solution eliminates the guesswork by providing visibility into what’s happening, on both unmanaged and managed endpoints, in the cloud and everywhere in between.

Lookout analyzes behaviors to detect insider threats and file-less cyberattacks. We protect your users from malicious content and classify your sensitive data on the fly. We also continuously monitor the risk level of your endpoints and dynamically modify user access to protect your data.

Detect And Mitigate Threats

Standalone tools make cybersecurity unnecessarily complex and inefficient. Your team may make mistakes and glance over security gaps if they have to juggle multiple software solutions and consoles. Our integrated SSE platform gives you actionable insights into your users, endpoints, apps and data. With everything in one place, you can implement consistent security policies that ensure you stay in total control. We also provide all the telemetry data you need to hunt for threats and conduct forensic investigations of cyberattacks such as advanced persistent threats.

Secure Web And Cloud Usage

Cloud access doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Security also shouldn’t interrupt productivity or impair the user’s experience. The Lookout SSE solution gives you complete visibility with unified policies that secures sensitive data while enabling productivity.

We provide granular and dynamic access that matches the user and endpoint’s fluctuating risk posture and the sensitivity level of the data they seek to access. As a result, we secure your data with varying degrees of granularity, such as redacting keywords, applying watermarks or even encrypting data so it’s protected even when distributed offline.

Connect And Secure The Modern Workforce

To securely empower your workers to stay productive from anywhere, you need security that covers your organization from endpoint to cloud. To ensure your data is secure and that you comply with regulations, you need visibility into how your users behave, the endpoints they use, the data they access and what they do with it.

Lookout provides a cloud-delivered platform that converges SSE and endpoint security to protect users and data wherever they reside. Our integrated platform continuously monitors the risk posture of endpoints to provide dynamic and granular Zero Trust access based on the sensitivity level of apps and data.

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