CITES Cybersecurity Solutions

Discover Your Vulnerabilities Before a Hacker Does

The only way to truly validate system vulnerabilities is to try to exploit them. Security penetration testing, commonly known as ethical hacking, is a critical step organization or business should take to ensure their data security.  

Once you’ve identified existing security vulnerabilities through a Risk Assessment, CITES can perform Penetration Testing to determine whether the risks identified pose a real threat to your enterprise data. Our expert security team relies on commercial-grade software tools to assess your system. We have the experience to ensure security penetration testing is done right and can provide an unbiased assessment of your security to help guide you towards remediation.

Data is the new oil of this era, but if you're not using your security features to their full extent, you're leaving the door open for anyone—from unauthorized users to cybercriminals—to access your mission critical and sensitive business data. Penetration Testing is a necessary step in knowing the risks you face and taking action to mitigate them.

The cost of the data breach could be immeasurable—not only in downtime and recovery, but in impact to your company’s reputation. By identifying risks and attempting to exploit them, we can both validate the risks you face and determine how dangerous they really are.

You don't have time to address every single risk in your digital environment, and not every security vulnerability is likely to be exploited. We provide you with a detailed report that explains the identified risks and their impact so you can focus on the most effective remediation efforts. 

With the expansion of PCI DDS, annual CITES penetration testing isn’t just nice to have—it’s mandatory for any environment with cardholder data and all systems and networks connected to that environment. Our experts will help you meet auditor requirements so you can avoid fines and demonstrate ongoing compliance. 

What Does CITES Penetration Testing Involve?

The testing our team performs on your system will be tailored to the particular vulnerabilities your organization faces.

Our Penetration Testing process includes:

  • Vulnerability Identification

We will research, test, and identify potential vulnerabilities applicable to the system.

  • Vulnerability Validation and Exploitation

After vulnerabilities are identified, we will validate them to minimize false reports of problems, and exploit them.