Our Clients

Our Clients

Whether you’re looking for specialist niche skills or high-volume talent management, you can rely on us to deliver exceptional first-class talent. here are some of our clients

Successful external audit of ICT systems at Center for Health Human Rights and Development (CEHURD)
Amidst the ever growing adoption to technological solutions to further improve the overall efficiency and the closing civic space, the staff of CEHURD operate in an environment that present various digital and physical security threats. Although a number of safety and security measures are taken, there is need to review, appreciate the organisation’s risk profile, remediate the risks, strengthen the awareness and ability of staff and the organization to mitigate or avoid the threats that are expected in the current prevailing environment.

Center for Health Human Rights and Development Administration

Successful Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing at Microfinance Support Centre (MSC)
Driven by the institution’s agenda for prompt compliance with BoU reporting requirements, CITES Cybersecurity Solutions were engaged to undertake both the Black box and White box penetration test on MSC’s network to assess the extent to which an attacker can have on their system. This was also aimed to identify vulnerabilities, if any, and provide proof of exploit and make recommended fixes to improve the state of security from the risks of internal attackers.

Microfinance Support Centre Administration

Successful Vulnerability assessment and IT Governance Review at Kimsy Meds Company Ltd
Information security review and white Box Penetration Testing of the internet-facing applications and internal controls, to provide assurance as far as vulnerability, Integrity, and availability of the coreapplications, internal server and systems connected to it directly or indirectly.

Kimsy Meds Company Administration
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