CITES Cybersecurity Solutions

In Uganda, schools are under increased pressure to keep their students safe from the dangers of the internet. That’s why Netspark for Schools was created—to help make sure that your students are safe online. With Netspark for Schools, solution monitors what your students are accessing on their desk phones and laptops, so you know exactly where they’re going online—and what they’re seeing. And with our AI-powered solution, there’s no room for error: we’ll keep filtering out the internet all the harmful content and protecting your students from pornography and other harmful websites. 

You’re a school administrator and you want to protect your students from harmful content on their phones and computers. But you don’t want to limit the internet. 

Netspark for Schools is an AI powered solution that automatically filters out pornography from the internet, so your students can surf without having to worry about what they’re seeing. It works both in an online and offline mode, so you can keep control of your network even when your students are not using it.

Get a secure and reliable Internet filtering solution for your school. NETSPARK FOR SCHOOLS is an AI-powered internet content filtering solution that can secure and power the IT environment of your school. Our solution is specifically designed to block all types of nudity, pornography, and inappropriate content in various forms such as text, images and videos. Solve any issues of pornography, violence or gore in your school environment. NETSPARK for Schools is an AI powered Internet filtering solution that can secure and power the IT environment of your school. Our solution can also help your school control access and time on social media, games, harmful content in both online and offline mode over the students laptops, and computers in the school computer lab, in accordance with your school’s policies. Our solution is specifically designed to filter out all types of nudity and pornographic content in various forms such as text, images, and videos.

We know your students.

They’re not the same kids you saw at school when they were in grade six. They’ve grown up, and now they’re looking for something that will help them thrive in their new world of adult life. They want to get ahead, but they also want to be safe. They don’t want to feel like they’re being watched or judged online, and they don’t want to see anything that could hurt them or others around them.
That’s why we created Netspark for Schools: a solution that helps schools prevent students from accessing harmful online content—and keeps them safe while they do it.

When you use Netspark for Schools, you can help protect your students from all sorts of inappropriate content—including pornography and violence—without scaring them off from using technology altogether. With Netspark’s AI-powered solutions, there’s no room for error; it just works!

Keeping Our Children Safe

Unfortunately, students are frequently exposed to inappropriate and harmful online content, and at Netspark we work to ensure they are allowed to enjoy web access free of such threats.   

Students encounter pornography, nudity, and more in different media such as videos, images, and texts – even though existing web filtering solutions block certain websites through ‘blacklists’ in addition, students sometimes engage in risky behavior by sharing offensive content with their peers. At the same time, views differ regarding what is considered inappropriate content, and school administrators, teachers, and parents must also contend with ‘grey’ areas. 

Our solutions safeguard more than two million smartphones, tablets, and computers and our internet filtering technology has been adopted by more than 4,000 schools. Netspark is the official filtering solution for the Ministry of Education in Israel. Using our technology, administrators can decide what content is appropriate for students. Through Netspark’s easy-to-use administrative portal, administrators can set custom rules for websites and applications across many different content categories.