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With ICT increasingly becoming an integral part of doing business today and the digital transformation that enables it, it’s very critical that Businesses, organisations and companies are in control of the direction and pace of ICT adoption in the world today. This control cannot happen without an ICT policy in place. Your entire digital environment of (Technology, People and Data) can adopt to the best ICT processes, procedures, systems with good intentions to help the organization, but without an ICT policy, these systems will serve as a conduit for fraud, information assets, brand image risk, and eventual revenue loss to the organization or businesses.

Did you know that

We have also heard of incidents where an employee is fired and he ends up ‘locking’ up ICT systems by changing passwords or refusing to share the passwords, sometimes leading to loss of business or information. Worse, some organizations have slowly bled to death due to frequent flouting of ICT policies leading to loss of money and customers. In fact, most fraud incidents today involve the improper use of ICT systems because of the lack of or poor policy implementation.

On the surface, these staff exit related examples might seem like the failure by the HR or IT department in ensuring proper exit of an employee or the proper use of ICT resources. But deeper, they point to a more critical and dangerous state of affairs at play: The lack of or the failure to adhere to ICT policy best practices.

So, if you think, feel and believe that your organization, business or company does not have an ICT policy in place and some of your clients / partners feel unsecure dealing with you, then it’s  time to take advantage of CITES cybersecurity solution’s rich expertise, experience in this space and get an ICT policy in place.