Correct Digital Environmental System

Vulnerabilities with Help from the Experts Identifying the vulnerabilities on your IT or digital environment is critical. But now that you know what’s
wrong, how can you close the IT security gaps without inadvertently causing new problems? It’s common to leave a thorough IT security audit
with a long list of issues to address. What’s often missing is a clear way to implement the necessary changes.
If you lack the staff or the expertise to implement your digital security architecture, CITES cybersecurity solutions consultants can remediate your system vulnerabilities for you, following a Risk Assessment and designing your Security Architecture. 

Expertly Close IT Security Gaps

Leveraging the expertise of our IT security team to address your IT security risks gives you peace of mind, knowing you’re doing what’s best to protect
your organization.

Ensure Changes Are Executed Correctly

Working with seasoned security professionals removes the worry that junior or less experienced team members will incorrectly execute your plan

Position Your Company/Organisation for Future Success 

At the end of IT security remediation, your new  IT security architecture will be tested, approved, and following best practices. Furthermore, we will
educate members of your team to ensure they have the knowledge necessary to maintain the security scheme going forward.

The Cybersecurity Remediation Process

While every remediation project is different, our IT security experts may perform actions such as the following as part of;

Cybersecurity remediation services:

  1. Test your new security architecture on a test system
  2. Re-architect user authorities and special authorities
  3. Make approved changes to user profiles and special authorities
  4. Roll out application changes 
  5. Develop, test, and roll out Integrated File System (IFS) changes
  6. Set up regular monitoring and reporting on IT security events from the audit journal
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