About Us

CITES offers trusted digital hygiene services & IT security solutions to protect and secure your digital assets for individuals, small and large medium sized Enterprises, non-government organizations and Government parastals. We are an international specialty distributor of software solutions for digital assets security for applications, data, information, network infrastructure, business continuity, disaster recovery, database and other  technically sophisticated products. Customers and partners see CITES as the distributor of choice for complex, technical softwares

CITES cybersecurity solutions is a Digital Safety and Security consulting firm, a limited liability company engaged in Information Technology business, providing Digital Security Services and Solutio that secure Client’s Information Technology assets, prevent data loss and reputational damage among others.

Vision (Why are we here)
To protect people and information in the new and open connected world.
Our Mission:
“We believe in Securing your everything digital. Across the ever evolving digital world. From enterprise people, data, network through cloud transformations, defending critical infrastructure or digital assets, we protect organisations from imminent digital safety threats”

  1. Integrity: We honor our commitments and we treat everyone with respect.
  2. Customer success: We measure our success by our customers’ success.
  3. Excellence: We set a high bar for ourselves and our teams, and continuously pursue excellence in everything we do.
  4. Innovation: We lead through ingenuity and creative problem solving.
  5. Continual Improvement: We are a learning company that is always actively looking for better ways to enhance our business processes, systems to increase our customers value and satisfaction of products and services.
At CITES cybersecurity solutions Consulting firm, we bring to the table a unique set of experiences that allow us to best serve your cyber security needs.
 Our team is made of experts that have worked as IT professionals, architects of cyber security programs and external assessors with an eye for regulatory compliance. This wealth of knowledge allows our team members to assess ,review and reimagine business processes and policies in a way that makes our recommendations practical and effective while keeping your business’ environment, customers and bottom line in mind.
We achieve these results by becoming specialists in the protection of systems and customer sensitve data, critical components of any effective cyber security or digital safety program. By laser-focusing on these critical elements, our team members stay well-prepared to create custom services and solutions to the ever-evolving safety, security and compliance issues that can impact your company’s or organisation's competitive edge, reputation and profit margins.

Our team member’s ability to recommend workable and efficient solutions to protecting your enviromental systems, customers and bottom line is why we’re the cybersecurity and compliance experts that grow businesses.

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